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Cau Ailosod

Aerofilms Collection

Manylion Archif

Rhif Catalog C431261

Rhif Derbyn NA/GEN/2008/020e

Cwmpas a chynnwys A set of negatives and albums of mainly oblique aerial photographs- both colour and black and white - taken or collected by Aerofilms Ltd between 1919 and 1992, the albums comprise a representative sample of a substantial collection of negatives, transparencies and prints purchased by RCAHMW in collaboration with RCAHM Scotland and English Heritage. A new accession in 2011 (NA/GEN/2011/012e) contributed thirty four files of colour prints of aerial photographs of South Wales, commissioned by the Welsh Development Agency.

Casgliad Aerofilms Collection

Cyfrwng ffotograff

Dyddiad 1919

Cyfeirnod AFC

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Manylion o ran Hierarchaeth yr Archif

C431261 Aerofilms Collection - Lefel Casgliad
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