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Site Details

© Copyright and database right 2020. All rights reserved. Ordnance Survey licence number 0100022206

NPRN 303696

Map Reference SN78SW

Grid Reference SN73738473

Unitary (Local) Authority Ceredigion

Old County Cardiganshire

Community Blaenrheidol

Type of Site CAIRN


Period Bronze Age

Site Description 1. Cairn upon the summit of Disgwylfa Fawr, about 20m in diameter & 3.0m high: trenching, in 1937, reported a ring of slab-stones within the body of the mound, within which were found two dugout tree-trunks of oak, 2.4-2.7m & 1.08m long, these subsequently yielded radio-carbon dates centring on 1910 & 1350 BC respectively; within the smaller dugout were cremated human bones, a flint blade & a ceramic vessel, covered by an animal skin. Sources: Green 1987 (Archaeologia Cambrensis, 136), 43-50. Briggs 1994 (Cardigan County History I), 191-2 No.167.
J.Wiles 23.07.04

2. A scheduled Bronze Age round barrow which has been excavated. The barrow was opened in 1937 by Alfred R. jenkins, The Garage, Ponterwyd and JW Smith, who produced a sketch of the barrow. They uncovered two wooden "dug-outs" and a "Food Vessel." NMR, Undated.

3. Bronze Age round barrow, 65ft in diameter and 6ft high on Disgwylfa Fawr summit, excavated and wrecked in 1937. It contained a central cremation accompanied by a small flint chip, in a canoe-shaped dug-out oak trunk 5ft long, beneath which lay a similar trunk 8 to 9ft long; they were surrounded by a large stone ring. A biconical grooved lugged food vessel of Irish type was associated with the burial It is 6.7ins high, 8.2 ins at its widest, and preserved in the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Tumulus on Disgwylfa Fawr summit, at 1660 feet above OD. Now a turf covered mound, about 6feet high and 70 feet in diameter, apparently composed mainly of fine, gravelly soil, though a few stones are visible. It has been opened by a trench, refilled, from the south. Examined by A.H.A.Hogg, 4th June 1965.

4. A turf-covered round barrow as described above, 21.0m in diameter, 2.5m in height. There is a slight central depression, otherwise the feature is in good condition. No visible remains of a ditch. Cairn on unenclosed moorland. The large, turf-covered barrow is still as described, with a central hollow. A small stone summit cairn of presumably recent date has been built on the W edge of the barrow. A quite well worn track from the west branches near the barrow and passes part on each side. There are commanding views in all directions (as far as I could tell in the mist!). Cadw SAM description, 1988.

5. The site remains much as previously described. R.S. Jones, Cambrian Archaeological Projects, 2004.

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