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Catalogue Number Sorted (ascending) Collection RecordDescriptionMedium
4770Ystrad Einion Survey CollectionVideo tape of Ystrad Einon Lead Mine, made by members of Dyfed County Council Planning Depatment.photo
5755Ystrad Einion Survey CollectionCollection of photographs with drawings and report stemming from a survey of Ystrad Einion Lead Mine by Dyfed Archaeological Trust, under commission from Dyfed County Council. Not yet fully catalogued.photo;text;graphic
52383Cadw Registered Files CollectionClosed registered file, ref. no. ANC/3566/, transferred from Cadw, concerning Water Wheel and pumping gear at Ystrad Einion Mine, Ysgubor-y-Coed, Ceredigion, Dyfed, schedulingtext
57173Cadw Scheduling RecordsFile of Cadw scheduled monument records for Ystrad Einion Lead Mine (CD143) , consisting of scheduling notices, accompanied by Field Monument Warden reports. Files stored in scheduled monument number order.text;cartographic
404900NMR Site FilesA typed descriptive account of Ystrad Einion Lead Mine. Includes an ordnance survey map of the site.text
404902NMR Site FilesA photo survey consisting of 24 black and white prints of Ystrad Einion Lead Mine.photo
417190Simon J.S. Hughes ArticlesDigital copy of an article entitled "The History of Ystrad Einion Mine", by Simon S.J. Hughes, of the Welsh Mines Preservation Trust, originally published in the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals, No. 6, Spring 1989.text
478278NMR Site FilesClutch for winding drumphoto
478279NMR Site FilesBalance bobphoto
478280NMR Site FilesLaunderphoto
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