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Catalogue Number Sorted (ascending) Collection RecordDescriptionMedium
12591Drawings CollectionNon RCAHMW drawing showing plan & section of Neuadd, Llanon.graphic
12592Drawings CollectionNon RCAHMW drawing showing plan & elevation of Y Neuadd, Llanon.graphic
43663NMR Site FilesA photo survey consisting of 4 black and white photos, of Y Neuadd Llannon. No
431042NMR Site Files Y Neuadd, Llannon; descriptive account produced by Richard Suggett, 1998text
431043Additional Information Y Neuadd, Llannon; field drawings produced by Richard Suggett, 1998graphic
531040Investigators' Digital PhotographyLamp
531041Investigators' Digital PhotographyLamp
531042Investigators' Digital PhotographyFireplace and lamp
531043Investigators' Digital PhotographyFireplace and lamp
531044Investigators' Digital PhotographyOblique view window and
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