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Site Details

NPRN 84544

Map Reference SN91NW

Grid Reference SN92321896

Unitary (Local) Authority Powys

Old County Brecknockshire

Community Maescar



Period Bronze Age

Site Description A multi-banked, circular earthwork enclosure of probable Bronze Age date.
The site is located at 440m O.D. on a shelf on the west side of the steep-sided Llia valley. It consists of an inner ring-bank separated by a ditch from an outer bank with traces of an outer ditch. On the south-east there are vague traces of a third bank. The whole arrangement is roughly circular but slightly elongated in an east-west direction on which axis there is evidence, on the east, of an entrance through the rings. The gap in the inner ring is more evident than in the outer ring which appears
to be continuous, though much flattened at the site of the `entrance'. There is, however, a corresponding gap in the outer ditch.
The dimensions are: overall 22.0m (N.W.-S.E.) by 20.0m; inner bank 9.2m- 10.1m diameter between crests, 3.1-3.8m wide, 0.6m high above ditch but only 0.3m above the central space; outer bank 16.5m-17.4m diameter, 2.5-3.1m wide, 0.6m high above ditches; outer ditch 0.3m deep below surrounding ground. The earthwork is completely grass and bilberry-grown. Probing suggests that the banks contain significant amounts of stone though none is visible apart from a small boulder, 0.25m across and 0.25m high, flanking the entrance. A second small boulder lies roughly at the centre of the ringwork. A modern drainage ditch with accompanying bank has obliterated the perimeter of the site on the west and south-west. At the centre of the enclosure lies a small grass-grown hole of modern appearance.
The earthwork is overgrown with grasses and bilberry.
Note on relationship with neighbouring monuments: this ringwork, Maen Llia (NPRN 84541) and a nearby cairn (84539) form an isosceles triangle with the cairn at the apex. Distances: ring to Maen Llia 240m; Maen Llia to cairn 320m; ring to cairn 320m. A fallen monolith lies mid-way between Maen Llia and ring (409642). The enclosed angles are, respectively, 68 deg, 68 deg and 44 deg. Also, within the triangle is a platform (84549) equidistant from stone and ring barrow.

David Leighton, RCAHMW, 13 November 2008

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