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Archives (243)

Disgrifiad Archif Catalogue
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to Alfa Laval, Cwmbran. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556920
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to St. Mellons Business Park. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556918
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to The Anchorage, Salford Quays, Manchester. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556917
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to British Embassy, Jordan. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556916
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to Coleg Harlech. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556915
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to Cwmbran Youth Centre. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556913
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to 'Laura Ashley Factory'. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556911
(Lefel Swp) Colour slides relating to Pfizers. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557419
(Lefel Swp) Plan of 'Room Layouts, Lower Ground Floor', for St. Helens & St. Whiston Hospitals NHS Trust. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557418
(Lefel Swp) Black and white photographs of an unidentified construction site: possibly Hugh Owen Library, Aberystywth University. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557417
(Lefel Swp) Colour photographs and negatives entitled '3, Nevill Hall Hospital. Stage One - Duplicate Photographs'. The images show flooring. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557416
(Lefel Swp) Copy of 'Environmental Statement. Non-Technical Summary', relating to the Severn Bridges Bill, 1990/1991. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557415
(Lefel Swp) Colour photographs, and article clipping, relating to the Radiochemical Centre, Amersham International plc, Cardiff. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557413
(Lefel Swp) Copies of plans relating to University College, Swansea PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557609
(Lefel Swp) Two unidentified black and white aerial photographs: probably relating to Bristol. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557608
(Lefel Swp) A gathering of loose slides relating to various sites. Some are noted as relating to the ' ICCB Model, London', and 'Symphony Hall' and 'Brindley Place' (Birmigham). The majority, however, are untitled. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C556899
(Lefel Swp) Colour photographs, noted as relating to 'DRA Winfrith', Dorset - an experimental military (defence) establishment. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557407
(Lefel Swp) Photocopies of colour photographs relating to 'Virgin (Europe)'. the site is unidentified but is probably in Germany. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557406
(Lefel Swp) Colour photographs relating to 'Barclays Bank'. The branch is unidentified, but may be in Stockport, Greater Manchester. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557405
(Lefel Swp) Colour, and black and white, photographs relating to 'RAF Alconbury', Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire: seemingly, a medical and dentistry related building. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557404
(Lefel Swp) Colour photographs relating to 'Alexandra House' [Birmingham]. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557403
(Lefel Swp) Colour photographs and contact sheets relating to Bishop's Court, Bishop's Bridge Road, London W2. The file also comprises a promotional booklet pertaining to the residential development site (including ground plans of the apartments). PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557402
(Lefel Swp) Black and white photographs relating to an unidentified construction site. The file also includes one interior image of a, possibly completely unrelated, site. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557401
(Lefel Swp) Black and white photographs relating to Aberystwyth University. PERCY THOMAS ARCHIVE C557602