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Chofnodion Archifol am SWANSEA INFIRMARY

Rhif Catalog Cofnod Casgliad Disgrifiad Canolig
644101 Buildings of Wales Glamorgan and Gwent Publications Archive Swansea Central - University; Schools; Colleges; Hospitals; Workhouse; Singleton Abbey: brief hand-written notes with references from various sources to the above institutions. Includes an illustrated copy of an extract from 'A Pictorial History of Swansea' 1981 on the Grammar School and a plan of the University buildings from the 'Builder'. testun;ffotograff;graffig
443724 NMR Site Files Swansea Infirmary; copy of Cadw list description, 1987. testun
917045 RCAHMW Colour Oblique Digital Aerial Photographs RCAHMW colour oblique photograph of Swansea Infirmary, Guildhall, and Uplands area. Taken by Toby Driver on 24/07/2012. ffotograff
880567 Aerofilms Collection View of Swansea showing Swansea Infirmary and Uplands Community, oblique aerial view. 5”x4” black and white glass plate negative. ffotograff